Frequently Asked Questions

This Agreement was last modified on 18th february 2016


What Are The Requirements?

To aquire an item on hire purchase we will need you to provide your Bank Statement or Payslip, an ID and fill a form on our website. The Bank Statement is taken only to make sure you can afford the item as we do not know anything about you and your financial status.

How Long Will it Take To Acquire An Item?

After you have submitted the requirements it takes between 48-72 hours to process and approve a candidate for hire purchase. There are a lot of thoughts that go into the processing of the hire purchase process.

What Next?

We will need you to make a 50% deposit as commitment to the company as we get the product(s) for delivery. This is only to make sure the customer does not talk his way out of the first deposit and also and also to save us time and energy from picking up the item and not being able to return them among other factors.

NB: Delivery will not be made without the initial deposit.

When will I receive the item?

Our delivery days are Wednesdays and Fridays so depending on when you fill the form and when the form is approved, the item will be received on the next delivery date.

NB: Deliveries will not be made for forms filled on the delivery day. Item(s) will be delivered on the next delivery day.

FAQ Second Version

What if I do not receive the Item(s)?

Firstly that has never had that case of something like that happening and will certainly not start with you, you are rest assured your item will be delivered. How I’m I also sure you are going to pay the remaining balance due. We all don’t, right? Yes so we say trust us to trust you.

What time will I receive the item(s)?

For that I can’t give you a sure time but if you have been told you are receiving a delivery it should be between the hours of 12-4pm depending on the routes of the driver. Be patient.

How Do I Place an Order?

Head over to the product page add to cart and place your order and you could also go to the HIRE PURCHASE FORM from the Menu and fill the form beforehand if you are not buying outright. A member of our team will get in touch as soon as possible. or call any of our numbers for assistance./vc_toggle]

How Do I Contact if I Have Any Queries?

You could call us on 0505716540 | 0263137987 for assistance or email us on

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